Shaping a global economy fit for the 21st century is our greatest challenge. By 2050, the world must satisfy the needs of more than 9 billion people, of which over 5 billion are expected to reside in Asia.

As the region’s most international and trusted exchange, SGX believes that economic growth and sustainability are inter-dependent. Reshaping this sustainable future requires the ecosystem to work in partnership. Anchored on three pillars, SGX FIRST is our platform that facilitates collaboration within the ecosystem to catalyse change and deliver growth in a sustainable manner.

In the ecosystem

Be a positive influence and foster collaboration and partnerships to provide data, tools, resources and connecting stakeholders to drive industry discussions.

As a business
To build sustainable businesses, we offer our customers ESG solutions that capitalise on our assets, expertise and capabilities.

As a regulator
To support and provide guidance to the market and create a regulatory framework that facilitates the growth of a sustainable economy.

As a company
Operating at the highest international standards, we not only adopt sustainable business practices but also actively promote such practices in our markets.

Messages from SGX’s Chairman and CEO

“Investors today want to combine financial returns with a positive contribution to the environment and society. Sustainability and growth are not a zero-sum game. Exchanges can actively encourage market participants to shift to more sustainable behaviour and reinforce the long-term benefits of adopting ESG strategies. The launch of FIRST reinforces our commitment toward co-creating a sustainable future with and for our partners.”

Kwa Chong Seng

Chairman of Singapore Exchange

“With the challenges of driving economic growth and reversing climate change, there is an undeniable need for collective and collaborative leadership to find solutions for the issues at hand. By establishing Asia’s leading platform for sustainability and green finance, we will work with the ecosystem to drive initiatives and develop products that have a measurable impact on the economy and the environment.”

Loh Boon Chye

CEO of Singapore Exchange

Our Sustainability Milestones

SGX’s focus on sustainability has been more than 10 years in the making.

Our Focus and Priorities

SGX aspires to build a green product range that reflects the need for long-term, sustainable investment performance and our desire for a better world. SGX will also continue to drive its sustainability agenda by advocating transparency and accountability.


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